10 Most Annoying Gym Personalities

A gym is a great place where we can get healthier while trying to look good when it comes to taking off the shirt at the beach. It’s a place that is built for everyone and is used for different reasons and for different goals. The gym is often considered a sanctuary by many who understand what it can do for you.

Personally, I am one of those men who go to the gym with a single-minded focus on my goals (The current goal is to get well-defined 6-pack abs). I don’t like to be distracted with conversations or grunting or selfie flashes. But we have to admit that we are all unique in our own ways, which is why there are some at the gym who I consider to be very annoying.

Here are ten types of gym personalities that everyone finds annoying:

1. Sweating Without Cleaning Up After Yourselves

sweating-at-gymThis should be a no-brainer. When you sweat on a machine, it’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself. The feeling of sitting on a machine and finding it drenched in someone else’s sweat is something you cannot forget. But there are those (mostly a few men) who don’t understand hygiene who time and time fail to clean up after themselves.

2. Grunting Excessively And In A Disturbing Way

Grunting during exercising, especially strenuous workouts is acceptable. When you are pushing yourselves past your limits, there can be ‘power through’ grunts that can be heard, which can be fine. However, there are also those who grunt in a way that sounds like a ‘sex grunt’, a low, slow grunt that has no place at the gym. These people can cause the gym atmosphere to become awkward and uncomfortable.

3. Constantly Trying To Chat With Everyone

Most people go to the gym to workout, get fit and work up a sweat. They, however, do not go to the gym to talk, so if you are one of those guys who enjoy talking a lot, the gym might not be the place for you. And if you there to pick up women, then you are out of luck because no one likes being hit on while they are at the gym.


4. Singing Your Own Tunes

singing-at-the-gymMusic is great when at the gym, it gets you pumped up and motivated. But what isn’t great is when you are singing the tunes in your headphones out loud, and when you sing like you are in the showers. So, if you have your headphones and are listening to your own tracks, do consider the rest of us and not sing out loud because it can be very annoying.

5. Hogging The TV

While watching the TV at the gym is not the main reason to go. It can help to concentrate and get you sweating because you are distracted from the soreness from your workout and it can make time seem to go by faster. But it’s very annoying when someone decides that they have total authority to change the channel and break your flow.

6. Being Totally Nude

While it’s great to be comfortable with your naked body, it doesn’t mean you have to share the sights with everyone else in the locker rooms. And while it’s expected to see some minor nudity when in the locker rooms, it’s annoying how some people feel that they can stay nude all the time, not just when changing.


7. Hovering Over People

Another no-no is when some people hover over you when they want to use the machine you are using. Exercising is an activity that requires you to be fully focused. But if someone is hovering, it can be distracting and creepy, especially if they stare as well.

8. Long And Loud Phone Conversations

phone-call-at-the-gymIn this day and age, you cannot expect to not receive a phone call when at the gym. But while quick calls are acceptable, prolonged calls can be distracting and annoying to everyone else who doesn’t want to hear you tell your ex-girlfriend how your pet turtle is doing. And there is the fact that if you are workout out and talking at the same time, you aren’t pushing yourself enough and are just taking up space for no reason.

9. Ignoring Personal Space Boundaries

At the gym, we sweat and workout, so there is a certain unspoken rule about personal space. If you see someone on a treadmill, don’t start your cardio on the treadmill next to his, give him or her, their personal space by selecting another machine instead.

10. Gym Selfies

Why do so many annoying people want to take gym selfies? Are they training for themselves or their Instagram followers? It’s more important to be at the gym and workout then it is to have evidence of being at the gym.


There you have it. These are the 10 most annoying things people do at the gym without realizing they are being annoying. So, if you liked my thoughts on the subject, click on the link button and share with your friends. You can also add to the list by adding anything I have missed out through the comments section below.


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