10 Obvious Signs That She Is Leading You On

Relationships can be complicated. And if you are lacking an open communication path, you may not know what the future for your relationship is. Women often prefer to communicate in a subtle way when it comes to relationships, that also have experience turning down guys softly. She may not always be as direct with what she wants as you would want. It may even cause miscommunication and incorrect assumptions that could cause more harm than good. But if she is leading you on with no intention for the future, you should know and make the decision that could benefit you both. To help you find out, here are 10 signs that she is leading you on:

1. She Doesn’t Like To Talk About Your Relationship

Lack-of-communicationBeing on the same page about your relationship is a good sign of a sound relationship. If she isn’t willing or avoiding having the relationship conversation, it probably means that she isn’t into you and just leading you on. To also could be that she doesn’t know what she wants or that she doesn’t want to hurt you. But remember that, by avoiding talking about the future of your relations, both of you may be wasting your time and energy that you are investing in your relationship.

2. You Are Often Her Plan B

When I woman calls you up last minute to make plans to spend some time together, it might be because her other, more important plans, fell through. This could mean that you are her plan B and someone who is not a priority for her life.

3. She Forgets The Small Things About You

If she remembers the small things about you, like your nephew’s little league baseball match, or your favorite beer, it’s a good sign that she feels that you are a keeper. But if she forgets these small details, it can mean that she doesn’t want to put in the effort to pay attentions to these things that matter to you.

4. You Are Her Dirty Little Secret

dirty little secretFamily interactions are important to having a strong and long lasting relationship. So, if she is reluctant to introduce you to her family and is treating you like her dirty little secret, she might be leading you on.

5. You Aren’t Part Of Her Future Plans

When her plans don’t include you, it could be a sign of her not considering you being around long term. If her future plans, like her summer holiday to Spain or her sister’s wedding don’t seem to include you, it’s a good bet that she isn’t into you as much as you, though.

9. She Doesn’t Want Your Things At Her Place

leaving-your-toothbrush-at-her-placeWhen she feels comfortable enough to let you keep a change of clothes or your toothbrush at her place, it probably means that she is considering you as a long term partner. However, if she doesn’t want you to leave your stuff at hers, it may indicate that she isn’t willing to take your relationship to the next level.

 7. You Are The One Who Always Initiates Communication

A solid relationship is built on trust and communication. So, if you are the one is always initiating communication, the relationship probably isn’t serious for her. And if you only get texts from her when she wants a late night hookup, it’s another sign that she feels you are only a temporary existence to her.

8. You Are Not A Priority For Her

too-busy-for-youWhen you have a good stable relationship, it’s easy to make time for each other, even with busy schedules and work. But if she seems to be too busy for you, it’s another sign of her not giving you enough value and priority. While see may genuinely busy at times, even busy people can make time for their loved ones. To avoid this, it’s best to have proper communication between each other to find out what your futures hold.

9. She Is Only Interested When You Pull Away

only-intrested-at-the-endIf you are in a relationship with a woman who is only interested in you when you pull away, it can be a toxic relationship without a future. This type of relationship isn’t fair to either of you and she is probably stringing you along.

10. She Doesn’t Want A Serious Relationship

When you finally have managed to have a proper conversation with her about your relationship and its direction with her letting you known that she isn’t looking for anything serious at the moment, what should you do?

Women are very capable of communicating their desires and needs, they are also capable as well as allowed to change their minds about their relationships. So, if she says that the relationship isn’t something she sees herself having in a few years, you should probably take her word for it. Life doesn’t always work out the same way that you imagined in your mind but that doesn’t mean that you will be left all alone for the rest of your life. There is someone out there for you and for everyone else, all you have to do is have the courage of taking the next step and find out.


The best way to avoid being led on is to be by having open communication. You should also manage your expectations when in a relationship as not everyone feels that same about how much the relationship means to them. It can be possible to find out using the above-mentioned signs if you are being led on. So, if you know any other signs that she may be leading you on, let us know in the comments section below.

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