10 Ways Men Make Fashion Mistakes

  1. Don’t just push up your sleeves, try the master sleeve roll. The Master Sleeve Roll is Fold over the sleeve inside out up your arm, fold the bottom of the inside out sleeve over the cuff, and leave the ends of the cuff exposed.
  2. Don’t wear jeans that are too tight and too large, try jeans that are just right. If you can fit 2 fingers between your hip and the waistband, you have found the right size jeans. Go for the classic darker washes and straight leg cut.
  3. Avoid baggy short that fall below the knee, choose a length that breaks at the knee or no more than 2 to 3 inches above it.
  4. White socks should never be worn with any outfit, try invest in socks that complement your wardrobe.
  5. Don’t limit yourself to the same pair of shoes, you should have a wide range of different types of shoes: casual shoes, sneakers, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, and boots.
  6. Match your shoes to your belt, an example would be black-on-black. They don’t have to match exactly either.
  7. Don’t tuck in casual shirts and polo shirts. And don’t untuck dress shirts.
  8. Jacket sizes can be eyed to find the right fit by looking at the range of movement and a divot on the shoulder.
  9. Never fasten the bottom button of the blazer.
  10. Don’t buy the latest dying trend like the deep V-neck. The bottom of your v should be no lower than 2-3 inches from your collarbone.


Last but not least, crew neck T-shirts shows that classic men’s designs never goes out of style.

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