13 Surprising Benefits Of Drinking Tequila Daily

Yup, you read right gents. Drinking Tequila every day is good for you. It helps with a number of health issues and can give benefits when compared to other alcoholic beverages.

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled from the blue agave plant found in the highlands of the central-western Mexican state of Jalisco. This alcohol is sold by a number of brands like Don Julio and Patron being premium brands of quality tequila.

It is enjoyed by America and the rest of the world, making it one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Most prefer taking shots of tequila and there are various combinations with no boundaries or limitations when you talk about tequila. People love it so much that they have even created the deep-fried tequila.


Now to some of the unique benefits of this wonderful drink:

1. Tequila Lowers Blood Sugar

The American Chemical Society has found that the agave plant secretes the agavina sugar in Tequila. This agavina triggers the production of insulin which lowers blood sugar.

2. Tequila Boosts Weight Loss

Tequila helps weight loss in laboratory tests conducted by the American Chemical Society. There are certain components in tequila that promote a significant amount of weight loss.

3. Tequila Doesn’t Cause Hangovers

If you drink good quality, 100% pure agave tequila, you will not suffer from a hangover. However, if you drink the watered-down tequila found in most liquor stores, you will have to suffer from this dreadful reality.

4. Tequila Doesn’t Make You Throw Up

You can drink tequila without throwing up because unlike vodka and others, tequila is smooth down the throat.


5. Tequila Helps Fight Cholesterol

To fight bad cholesterol, it’s vital to increase fiber in your diet. Research by the Plant Foods For Human Nutrition has found that avavin helps lower triglycerides in your blood and reduces the cholesterol levels.

6. Tequila Is Used To Treat Common Colds

Doctors in Mexico used to prescribe tequila to fight common cold: 5 ounces of tequila blanco, 5 ounces of agave nectar and 5 ounces of fresh lime juice.

7. Tequila Numbs Pain

Testing has shown that tequila helps dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. This helps minimize pain levels allowing you to feel ‘Tequila Courage’. Tequila also helps with emotional pain.

8. Tequila Has Low Sugar For Diabetics

Those who have diabetics know that they have to control their alcohol because of the high amount of sugar present. But with tequila, there is significantly less sugar and with a decent control, diabetics can also enjoy tequila.


9. Tequila Allows Better Impressions On First Dates

For all the men who are wondering what to order on a first date, the answer is tequila. Because ordering tequila will make you look like a badass and give your date a long lasting impression.

10. Tequila Won’t Make You Fat

Tequila also doesn’t cause bloating, especially when compared to vodka and beer. This means that there is no chance of you feeling fat after your night out. This is possible because tequila regulates fat absorption in your intestines.

11. Tequila Is A Party Favorite

House party time, when you arrive with a bottle of tequila, you can expect a positive reaction. Because not everyone knows that tequila is an important part of any party.


12. Tequila Helps Cleanse Colon

Research has shown that blue agave in tequila helps deliver drugs to the colon which can more effectively treat illnesses like colitis and Crohn’s disease.

13. Tequila Helps You Sleep

Tequila is known to be a relaxant which can help you unwind from a hard day’s work. It also isn’t necessary to drink a large amount; 1 or 2 shots is more than sufficient. So, if you can’t sleep, take a shot and be on your way to la-la land.

These are the 13 health benefits of tequila. And while tequila is a great drink to have, you should always drink responsibly without overindulging. After all, too much of a good thing can turn out bad.

If you know of any more benefits of tequila that you would like to share, comment below.

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