3 New Gym Hacks You Must Know In 2016

Quick Hacks To Boost Performance At The Gym.

No BS. Simple Yet Effective.

All of us want to break through previous personal records, whether it is bench press PR, Squats PR or our 100m sprint.  Also, one of the most annoying problems is hitting a plateau. Working out rigorously and stuck with same weights can de-motivate Phil Heath himself. Yes, supplements do help us breaking plateaus, but what if there was a way that could accelerate our gains?

Well, there are some secrets, hiding in plain sight. Let us rediscover these tips which we can use to boost gains and destroy plateaus.


Are you able to touch your toes without bending your knee? If your answer is no, then you are in a wee bit of trouble. Stretching is very important and most of us do not give enough importance to this. Stretching promotes blood circulation, improves range of motion and recruits maximum motor units. With more motor unit activation, strength increases and also promotes muscle gain. Stretching will also relax muscles, tendons and joints, thus reducing chances of injury and soreness.

We should ideally spend 10-15 minutes stretching, before and after workout.

Stability Workouts

Stability balls are one of the most underrated gym equipment. Stability exercises are ignored by most of us, because they are boring and TOUGH.  Stability ball improves alignment of the whole body as it recruits various muscles and joints at the same time. It improves balance by recruiting muscles and body parts which are rarely activated during workouts or daily activities. And nothing targets abdominal muscles like a stability ball.

So if you want to improve core stability, achieve near-perfect body-alignment and rock hard abs, you must spend at least 10- 15 minutes with stability ball.


Cross Training

No. Cross training does not require any special gym or equipment’s. Special equipment’s are nice to have, but absolutely not a compulsion. Even if you mix a sport like boxing, MMA or tennis, you are cross training. Swimming is considered one of the best options to cross train. Swimming is anaerobic, recruits almost every part of the body and also improves will power. The idea is, not letting our body get used to a particular pattern of movement or weight. When our body adapts to a particular movement or weight, it becomes less challenging and thus reduces speed of gains. By mixing up exercises and movement pattern, we challenge our body in whole new different way.

Cross train at least twice a week for maximum benefits.

These three things will help you co-ordinate your strength and stability to increase your overall strength and stability. Do not forget importance of rest. To de-stress and detoxify your mind, you should consider Yoga or meditation. Yoga and meditation has helped many professional athletes, elite businessmen and every successful personality to achieve mental stability and peace of mind.  Practice Meditation every morning and every night, this habit will definitely change your life.

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