3 Primary Supplements For Newbies

3 Essential Supplements For Athletes And Body-Builders.

My Workout, My Shakes And My Stack Is All I Need. This is what all my “bros” in the gym want. And I am no different. Although I am not a “bro”, I do love my supplements. I am not saying I cannot live without them, but they do make my life a hell of a lot easier. I don’t like to eat meat a lot nor do I have time to cook. Hectic job, traveling and street meat for lunch. That is me. I don’t like living like this, but hey, I am not complaining. I am thankful that I have a job I love and have to time to workout, which I am passionate about. Only problem is diet. Not being able to fulfill my macros because I can’t cook is something I don’t believe is excusable. That is why I rely on supplements.

My Primary Supplement Stack includes Protein, Creatine, Glutamine and BCAAs.

Secondary Stack includes a pre-workout, multi-vitamins, calcium suspension, fish oil and liver health tablets.

Why Did I Choose These Supplements? Let Me Tell You In Brief.

Primary supplements:


Protein is muscle. You cannot separate them from each other. To build muscle, you must meet your protein requirements regularly.  Find out your protein requirement with the help of below given tips.

Gain Muscle: To gain weight, consume more calories and protein. If you weight 120 lbs.,   you must consume 70 to 80 gm. of protein on the days you workout. On rest days or on days when you don’t work out keep it under 50-60 gm. 1 gram for 1.5 lbs. approximately for muscle gain.

To maintain weight, consume half of your weight in pounds. For example, 60 gm. of protein for a guy weighing 120 pounds. 1 gm. for every 2 lbs. of muscle.

DO NOT CONSUME ALL THIS PROTEIN AT ONCE. Your body will not be able to digest it and will cause unnecessary complications. Do not consume more than 30 gm. of protein in one go. Divide and rule. 20-30 gm. in the morning, 20-30 gm. after workout and 20-30 gm. before sleeping. This is just an example, you can always experiment with timing to find out which will suit you the best.


Popular myth is you need to load creatine. Although people have experienced some difference, I don’t think it has done significant difference for me. I would suggest 5 gm. per day and skip the loading phase. Within 15-20 days, you will reach saturation point without loading phase.

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements in the athletic world. Primarily used by sprinter as it provides explosive strength for short duration, creatine made its way in body building world eventually. As creatine helps cells in our muscles store more water, it adds size to our muscle.

Using creatine is not complicated. Don’t over consume it, your body will just throw it away and cause unnecessary pressure on your kidney and liver. Remember to drink adequate water, and not too much.

I personally take a break from creatine every 4-5 months, but just not necessary. As far as dependency is concerned, yes your body will rely on creatine supplement for creatine. But as our body does not produce enough creatine naturally, I don’t think depending upon creatine supplement a bad thing.

Glutamine And BCAAs:

I don’t know about you, but I have to get up early for workout and then work. To recover quicker, I use glutamine supplements, but only on days on which I have worked out really hard or lifted heavy, like squats and deadlift. Other than that I usually limit intake of glutamine.

These are three supplements we suggest you must consider in order to boost bodybuilding goals.

In the next article, we will discuss about secondary supplements.

Let us know if you have something to add or would like some more info.

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