4 Unhealthy Shortcuts To Avoid For Bodybuilding

Implants, Liposuction, Steroids And Too Many Supplements: Do You Know Their Side Effect?

We know body-building, losing weight and getting ripped is not easy.In fact it requires peak dedication and control on your mind as well as body. Avoiding fast foo, reducing sugar and salt and working out no matter what isn’t something a person with weak will can or will do. That is why people choose shortcuts like implants, over-consuming supplements, going under the knife or even consuming drugs or steroids. We would never suggest anyone doing these unnatural shortcuts to achieve bodybuilding success. But that won’t stop you from considering them.

So here are the side effects of 4 unnatural shortcuts for achieving bodybuilding success.


Unless you are required to consume steroids on medical basis, do not even consider them. There is a cycle for steroids. You have to start with a particular dosage, then there is maintenance dosage and you have to reduce dosage accordingly. You just cannot quit taking them. And if you do, the effects will be disastrous, both, mental and physical.

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If anybody chooses to go for implants, that is his choice. We don’t have the right to judge. But there are some things you should know about implants. First of all, implants look unnatural. You will be able to tell the difference. Often people choose implants when they are unable to develop a particular muscle. Rather than thinking of implants as the only solution, make sure you have tried to train the muscle properly. Most often, we see people in gym training their calves with heavy weights on the machine and after doing so for a year, they just give up and opt for implants. What they didn’t know is calves have high density of motor units and thus do not respond well to heavy weights. Instead, training them with medium to light weight for very high repetition will make huge difference. Similarly for chest, they restrict the range of motion for going heavy and find themselves without proper chest definition or size. If you want a bigger chest, simply increase sets of chest fly and isolated exercises for chest.

Point is, learn the muscle to develop it before choosing implants.

Same goes for Liposuction.


Sucking out fat from your body may help you lose weight, but that is only temporary. In a recent study, it was observed that 80 % of people are likely to gain weight if they lose it through surgical means or through ‘fad diets’. Liposuction is just a temporary solution or for people with extreme weight issues. Do it when absolutely necessary. Not only you will gain weight as fast as you lost it but also waste a lot of money doing it.

Losing weight through proper weight training, diet and lifestyle is the way to go.

Too Many Supplements:

Supplements like whey protein, creatine and BCAAs are OK for teenagers. But supplements like testosterone boosters, fat burners and pre-workouts are absolutely unnecessary. Testosterone levels of teenagers are already at their peak and cannot be increased any further. Teenagers have a great metabolism and can digest almost anything and thus do not need any fat burners. And rather than using a costly pre-workout supplement, a cup of coffee will do the trick.

Also, cycle multivitamins, do not use them throughout the year. Too much of vitamins is a waste of money as our body takes how much it needs and rest gets out through urination.

Same goes for creatine. No matter how much you workout, consume only 5 gms of creatine. Anything more than that will prove detrimental as it will create a lot of pressure on our kidneys and liver.

Using supplements is OK, but abusing them for unrealistic goals isn’t. And always use high quality supplements. Don’t spend money on cheap supplements, as many of them are not approved. Always check for FDA approval and other standards.  Using unknown supplements will cost you dearly, especially if you are an athlete. Most of the supplements that guarantee results may contain steroids. Steroids and performance enhancing drugs are banned most of the competitions.

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