5 Types Of Personalities In The Office: Tag A Friend Or A Colleague!

Now that I have worked in several organizations over 8 years, I have met some really intriguing characters throughout my journey. From the days as a fresher to where I am now, I have had some of the most unique experiences in the office. There is a different atmosphere in the cubicles nowadays, but back in my time, you had the opportunity to experience various personalities and make some memories.

Here are some of the types of personalities I met.

The Plagiarizing Tom!

The Back Stabber!! You have no idea how hard I am trying to control my language while writing about these people. Colleagues and seniors trying to pawn off somebody else’s work as his own and getting a pat on the back. Excuse the noise of my teeth grinding, but it is very frustrating when your work/article/code get applauded but somebody else is taking the credit. This Peeping Tom is always on the prowl to steal your original idea and steal your thunder.

Well I have a short but really funny story. My senior decided to copy an article and she sent it for uploading to her another colleague. Unlucky for her, he was swamped with work and asked me to do the quality analysis of her work. Want to hear a MOTHER OF ALL COINCIDENCES? The article she copied was mine! From the whole wide web, she copied my article and it ended up in my lap? Instant Karma!

So, don’t plagiarize. Honesty is the best policy!

If that doesn’t workout, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

The Cool Boss.

Unicorn of Bosses!

Believe me when I say this, a cool senior is something very rare. If you have one, you should thank Almighty every day. We all have experienced the plagiarizing boss, the micromanaging boss, over bearing and the worst, sleazy boss. Yikes!

A good boss will point out the mistake without being sarcastic about it, he will not shy away from giving you the credit, will praise you when you perform well and most of all, make you believe in yourself.

Yeah, I am not making this up, I actually have one so I am speaking from experience.

What I learnt from my superiors is something I can use to get ahead in life, not just financially. Getting the opportunity to make a difference, backing me to make decisions and standing by them, is something that has changed my outlook towards work. Work is not just a task for me but I challenge that I thoroughly enjoy.


The Biatch!!

Let me clear this right now. More often than not, an office BIATCH is often a male rather than a female. This guy or girl is often complaining about the INSANE amount of work he or she has, how management is UNFAIR on him or her, stuff like that. Often small things are enough to trigger a barrage of curse words and this person is up in arms to fight tooth and nail over trivial matters. God help you if you have a Biatch as a Boss! You will discover a whole new vertical of SARCASM!

And these people like to gossip! Always hanging around the water cooler to talk about… Lord only knows what! Hate office gossips! Wonder what they talk about me (I know they do)!

Mr./Ms. Hollywood.

These are the douches who dress up every day as if it was PROM NIGHT. They wear fancy suits, dresses and have tons of cologne/perfume on them. Not to mention their 1000$ haircut! Latest trends in fashion and everything else. How was your weekend? “Oh, we had Foie Gras in this fancy restaurant and watched this French movie while sipping chardonnay.” How pretentious! Wonder how they manage their money. Only some of them walk the walk, but most of them are just trying to overcompensate something. Am I being too harsh?

The Silent Assassin.

Doesn’t talk much. Wears simple clothes. No fancy watch or car. They come in unnoticed and leave unnoticed. But their work, achievement and results never go unnoticed. Senior manager value this person and his abilities, secretly wishing this guy never quits. These people are not as friendly as you would like, but have strong ethics and character. When you ask them for help, they do help on their terms. Well, if you have one in the office, you are lucky. Why? When your bosses come after you for below par performance, just say everybody cannot be THE SILENT ASSASIN!

By the way, this character is based on me. Through and through!

In the next article, I will come up with some more rare species of personalities we encounter in our daily routine.

Till then, tag a friend, colleague or a boss and the type of co-worker he/she is.

Let us see how many Silent Assassins, Cool Bosses and Hollywoods we get.

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