7 Grooming Hacks Every Gentleman Must Know

Smelly. Shabby. Rude. Don’t Be That Guy!

Use The Following Hacks To Make A Killer First Impression.

People who use shortcuts don’t reach their goals, but people who use hacks can at least get through a task. Some grooming hacks which will save your day. But keep in mind these are not replacements for actual hard work.

1.Bad Breath:

Lick your wrist and smell it after 10 seconds, that’s how your breath smells. Nobody like people with smelly breath. Once you know what your breath smell like to other people, you can act on it. If it smells bad eat 2-3 mints. If it smells good still eat a mint, just to be on the safe side.People usually get bad breath after tea, coffee or any sugary drink. Take a sip of water after a beverage. This prevents teeth decaying, which prevents bad smelly breath.

2. Iron Man:

While ironing your button down shirt, you usually break your buttons. When ironing your shirt, flip it inside out to easily iron over the button side. This is a very useful hack for clumsy people like… ahem… ahem… Never mind. Moving on.

3. Be Suave:

Imagine, you are out razors. Just imagine. But you have to shave. Your life depends on it. But you have a used up razor which is quite blunt. What would you do? Rub your old and blunt razor on your denims, which should give you one last use.

4. Say Cheese:

Smile is the best accessory you can wear. But if you look like Joker when you try to smile for a picture, you got a huge problem. Here’s what you should do. While taking a picture of yourself, squint your eyes to make your smile look genuine.

5. Be A Ninja:

If you dozed off during a party and woken up with permanent marker all over your clothes. Don’t worry, we got your back. Use the hand sanitizer to get it off from your clothes. If don’t have any borrow it from your sister, mom, girlfriend or boyfriend.

6. Use Booze:

Didn’t get time to do your laundry? Take 1 part vodka and 2 parts water and mix them both in a spray bottle. Spray that mixture on your smelly clothes and you can wear them one more time. Don’t be nasty, dude. Do your laundry. This hack can be useful may be once or twice.

7. Monkey See Monkey Do:

It’s natural to feel nervous when meeting someone for the first time. Especially on the dates and job interview. Try to notice a person’s eye color and mirror their gestures; they will like you more for extra eye contact and think you agree with them. Remember not to get carried away. We want to impress them and not creep them. Good luck!

These hacks will definitely help you in daily life. Do try them and let us know. Tell us if want to know more interesting lifesaving hacks.

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