7 Tips For The Perfect First Date

Women can be difficult to understand at the best of times, let alone on a first day. Which is why relationship expert Robert Cox will give you pointers that will let you score huge on your upcoming date with that hot barista you have been flirting with all week, or maybe that office colleague in sales who has a secret crush on you. So, if you are nervous about your first date later tonight, it’s time to get educated regarding the female mind and your perfect first date:

1. Take Charge Of The Date With Confidence

Women love men who are confident and decisive with their choices. A man who knows what he wants and takes control of the night. You should take a quick look at her Facebook profile to see what she usually does when she goes out with her friends. This will help you know a little bit about what she likes to do for fun, allowing you an opportunity to have some fun together.

first date confidence

2. You Should Really Relax And Let Nature Take It’s Course

If you aren’t Don Draper from Mad Men, you probably won’t be able to be suave with a nice suit like he can, so don’t even try. It’s simple, be cool and confident at what you do and your vibe will let her know. Women have a very acute sense about when a man is trying too hard so if you have ordered a Jonny Walker neat but flinch with every sip, she will notice. Remember that the worst thing to happen is that she doesn’t like you, it’s not a big deal. They are many women out there, and everyone including Don Draper has had their share of rejections. The key is to keep at it.

3. You Should Display Yourselves Through Conversation

The first few minutes of any first date are awkward, so relax and please don’t use a cheesy icebreaker, they don’t work well with most women. You should maintain eye contact while blinking because there is a very fine line between attentive and unsettling.

first date conversation

Your conversation should be 30% about yourself and the rest, about her. The important point in an effective conversation is to listen, she will give you many points to talk about. So, relax and let nature take its course, you will be fine.

4. You Should Make Her Laugh

Women want a man with a good sense of humor, so try telling her a hilarious or embarrassing anecdote to make her laugh. When someone laughs, they naturally get relaxed, which is what you want on a date. So, avoid jokes and stories are always funnier. But be sure to not overdo it and that she is laughing with you and not you.

5. You Should Order Something That Doesn’t Require 4 Hands To Eat

Most first dates take place in a restaurant, so be aware of what to order and what not to order. This is because the meal choice can make or break your perfect first date. Avoid ordering something that will get messy, and go for a simple dish like pasta or chicken which will not associate you with a pig in a pig stay. As far as drinking goes, it’s alright if she is drinking as well but not drink too much.

First Date Bad Food Choices

6. You Should Be A Gentleman And Pay For Dinner

Paying for a first date is a social minefield because some women prefer to pay for themselves while others think that the man should pay. But for the most part, evidence shows that men should be the ones paying. Simply hand your card to the waiter and brush off her objections with a ‘I’ll take care of it’. It will often make her feel special. But if she really insists paying for herself, let her.

7. Your Date Will Send You The Proper Signals

While women can be complicated creatures, their signs of flirtation can be obvious if you know what to look for. While research has found many factors that affect how well your date will be, what you shouldn’t do is try the hard-to-get routine because it might just convince her that you really aren’t interested. The hair twirling, arm stroking, and prolonged eye contact are clear signs she is into you.

First Date Signals

And if she cocks her head to the side and is glancing at your lips, you know did something right to get this reward. So, be confident and go for it because your first date is just a conversation away.

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