8 Tips To Spark Up Your Relationship

If you are here it means you really like someone and wanna impress them with your gentlemanly manners. Don’t give up just because you feel helpless and can’t ask your “bros” for advice. You know their suggestions might cost you losing this special someone. Right now all you know is that person is special to you and don’t want to ruin it by misbehaving or some other crap.  Now take a deep breath. You should try be yourself but that doesn’t mean be an arrogant person. You need to follow these tips when making your master plan to woe your sweetheart. Trying to reignite the flame in your long term relationship? These tips will help you achieve that too.

Communication in a relationship is like oxygen to life, without it love dies. We know it can be quite difficult to sit down and share your feelings. Talk about your likes and dislikes. This way you can find common ground for more talks. If there are something’s they might not like you can avoid them and find out about their likes to impress them.


Don’t take them for granted. Even the strongest feelings expire if ignored and taken for granted. Nobody is obligated to do anything for each other. It’s not their exclusive job to take care of you. Show some appreciation by buying them their favorite sweets or flowers once in a while. Take them to a concert of their favorite singer. There are so many romantic gestures you can do to make them feel special. 

Surprise them often. You used to surprise your boo when you were trying to woo them. You need to remind them every once in a while how special they are to you. Small gestures can go long way.

BTW some wise person said “Surprises are better than promises.” 

Don’t disrespect them by ogling at others. This is disrespectful and insulting on so many levels. If you really need to stare at someone for some bizarre reason, talk about that person with your boo instead of sneaking glances. 

Honest is the best policy. There are many ways to be honest. Be gentle but firm, your partner might be sensitive to your honest opinion. Learn to sugarcoat your criticism. As Mary Poppins rightfully said, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” 

Have a dream and work hard for it. People who have dreams and passions are loved and respected more than who don’t. 

Be the best sweetheart around. Amongst the group of friends of your partner, do you think you are the best? No we are not asking you change yourself to fit in. We are asking you to be more tolerant of your boo’s friends. Don’t be shy and indulge in some cute PDA now and then. If you can win the title of the “Best Boyfriend” or “Best Husband” in your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s group of friends then you are definitely in for some treat. 

These are some of the tips you should keep in mind when in relationship. Do you think we missed anything? Do let us know in the comments below.

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