Basic Hair Care Routine For Men

Every man needs to follow a basic hair care routine which is simple and effective. Therefore, you need to be well equipped with the right tools. Also some basic chemistry about the hair also helps you to groom it well. It does not matter on the type or the texture of your hair; nevertheless, ensure to follow the routine to have great looking hair.

Choose your conditioner and shampoo wisely. All products are not similar to each other. You should ensure to choose specific products as per specific hair types. Try to go for sulfate-free shampoo and a silicon free conditioner. Refrain from using products that have ingredients which are hard on hair and make it look dull and dry over the time. The labels of the products always contain the list of ingredients. If you have dry hair, your hair is quite frizzy. Choose products that can provide moisturize and hydrate your hair. Products that contain butter or other nourishing ingredients are good for the hair. In case of oily hair, product which contain ingredients such as tree oil and chamomile offer clarity to the hair. In case your hair is the type which breaks and frays easily, ensure to use restorative products which provide your hair with nourishing proteins such as collagen and keratin.

Ensure to wash your hair thrice a week. Some of you might think it is healthier to wash hair on a daily basis. But this is a wrong myth which many men follow. Washing hair too often will shed off all the natural protective oils present on the scalp. This makes the hair dry and gets frizzy and frayed. Men should ensure to shampoo just two to three times a week. If your hair type is oily, it gets greasy quite quickly. Therefore, the days you avoid shampooing, simply do a plain water wash. Water will help you cleanse your hair without eliminating the natural oils. At the time of hair wash, your hair will initially produce oil for a week or so. You should ensure to balance this out. Hence, just have patience and you will see your hair getting clean and longer.

Make use of either warm water or cool water. Refrain from using hot water. Hot showers make you feel great, but the heat of the water is responsible to dry your hair out. Therefore, it is recommended to use either warm or cool water at the time of hair wash. In case of a steaming hot shower, try to finish with warm or cool wash. This will help your hair look shiny and healthy, rather than frizzy and dull.

Spot dry your hair rather than toweling it in a rough manner.  Your hair is the weakest when it is wet. Water causes the keratin molecules in the hair to stretch. Therefore, if you do rough towel dry treatment, there are chances your hair just breaks. Instead, you should make use of a towel to gently dab your hair that will help it get rid of excess water.

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