7 Fashion Trends Men Must Know In 2016

7 Fashion Trends For Suave 2016

The way we dress reveal who we are. Too philosophical? Might be, but true nonetheless. Truth is, we live in a very cynical world. The way we look is more influential than our qualities or personality. But don’t sweat about looks or dressing sense too much. Fortunately, it is some that can be changed and improved over night. But remember, don’t try to be someone else. The worst thing you can do is pass yourself as some body else and end up being uncomfortable in your own skin. Being Fashion Friendly is all about being comfortable with yourself and finding the right look.

And who says fashion is limited to women only. Men need to be dressed to impress too. 2016 brings new fashion trends with it. Take a look.

Mr. Grey In Your Closet

This is not some kinky stuff you do in your closet. We are talking about the color grey. Spring/summer collections are big on brighter hues, things are going to be different in 2016. This subtle shade is already present in most of the men’s wardrobes. Updating your wardrobe won’t be too difficult on your wallet. You can have some fun with different shades of grey. Play around with different textures to add dimension to your outfit.


Everything in the market is organic these days. So should be the color. Color green is the one thing that’ll make you stand out in a crowd. If you are apprehensive, start with something small like tie, jackets and bags. Stay away from pastel greens, try earthier green. A deep green shirt or a trouser will be fit for office wear.

Wide Leg Trouser

It looks like the era of skinny and fitted jeans is finally over. Take sigh of relief and say hello to comfortable and stylish power dressing. Now the baggier the trouser the better. When getting a wide leg trouser tailored remember to use a light material or else you could look bulky.

Distressed Denims

Ripped, bleached, torn, and distressed, the worst the better. Yes people pay for clothes like that. Say goodbye to the perfect pair of jeans and hello lighter and more rugged denim. Ripped jeans are all the rage for the weekends but be careful while buying for casual Fridays. Go for light hues and touch of fading.


Fashion this year is going back to 70’s cowboy for inspiration only. Suede has made comeback in jackets. Came, burgundy and ochre are the most popular colors in suede right now.


The “IT” bag of is the backpack. This doesn’t mean the bulky back to school accessory; the backpack of this year is slimmer, sleeker and sophisticated. Monochrome and with metal studs is the one you should be picking.

Female Influence

Behind every successful man is powerful woman. Then there should be no surprise, when it comes to fashion. This year androgynous look adds floral shirts, long scarves, Chinoiserie(designs with Chinese influence) and silk. A word of caution: this is not for everyone.

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