Fitness Hacks

 Fitness Hacks

Don't become one!

Don’t become one!

Going to the gym is fine, but it neither guarantees super human strength nor overall fitness. All it does is give some size and definition to your muscles and increase a bit of bone density. These two things are important, but there are many things that come before them.  And if you want to look like an athlete, I can guarantee you that you won’t achieve it in the gym. Of course the gym will play an important role in increasing muscle size and strength by providing progressive overload in compound as well as plyometric exercises. Gym equipments are exceptionally important if you want to improve muscle size, as these machines provide circular isometric motion, which cannot be achieved with free weights or body weight exercises.

Here we will discuss how to look like an athlete, what you can do outside the gym to improve your aesthetics as well as functionality of the body. You will be surprised how even small changes and additions will help you improve your overall personality as well as health. Also, lets discuss how lifting changes according to your role/sport.

To look like an athlete, you must train like one. If you want look lean, follow a sport like boxing, MMA, or soccer and maintain a low card low fat diet. Following a sport will not only help you achieve desired results faster, but you are likely to continue working out for a longer time, without burning out mentally. Complement these sports with occasional but regular weight training to achieve that muscular but lean look. Weight training should mostly contain high intensity, plyometric exercises. If you are unable to follow a sport, then running, especially sprinting, will do as well. Follow YouTube channels like AthleanX to gain some unusual but good and scientific know-hows!

If you want to look like a beef cake, include high carb high protein diet along with a low intensity medium reps and high volume. Dead lifts, squats and other compound movements will work wonders. Do not neglect cardiovascular exercise and stretching, they play a very important role in blood circulation and hypertrophy. Ensure that you consume more calories than you spend working out.

If you are already an athlete, then train according to what your sport or specific role. There is a reason why football players look different according to the position they play. A quarterback is not as fast or strong as a receiver or a running back, but has great strength in his arms. Similarly, a offensive lineman has no speed or agility, but are as strong as an ox. The difference is in their training. A quarterback trains for a strong arm and quick release, thus works on hand-eye coordination and does not lift too much. A running back or a receiver has to run fast and break tackles, which is why he concentrates on plyometric drills to build up explosive strength. On the other hand, to gain absolute strength, lines men squat heavy, even college lineman squat near 400lbs.

The Fitness Hacks:-

  • Follow a sport.
  • Use gym occasionally.
  • Include body-weight exercise.
  • Use plyometric training for explosive strength.
  • Do functional training.
  • Finish your workout and get out.
  • Use calorie tracker apps.
  • Record lifts, on the camera as well as the book.
  • Avoid socializing in the gym.

Gym is a great tool, if you use it wisely. Many successful athletes, professional bodybuilder use weights room, but they also work outside it. Diet, running, playing a sport, proper lifestyle is all important to achieve optimum fitness and health.

After all, Bodybuilding is not a hobby, it is a Lifestyle! 

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