How To De-Stress?

People today are well aware of the negative effects that stress has on the body. It is responsible to reduce the overall performance. It ends up causing disruption in relationships and also causes physical wear and tear of the body. It is the major cause of hindrance towards enjoyment of life. Moreover, it keeps building up with time almost till the course of a full lifetime. At times, life tends to get so stressful that even a peaceful night’s sleep or a well deserved holiday might not help one recover fully.

Therefore, below mentioned are few tried and tested tips that will help you de-stress and obtain relief.

Exercise: As per the famous MD Dr. Charles Goodstein, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, very clearly states “Run on the treadmill, punch a boxing bag at your gymnasium or even do some Yoga”. He explains in his thesis that exercise is one of the best medium to manage stress. It ensures not to add up to your financial woes. For e.g. even a 20 minute of brisk walking or a run just around your block will help you yield up to almost 12 good hours or enhanced moods. The idea is to find yourself a physical activity which you enjoy nevertheless of it being dancing or even playing sports such as tennis or basketball.

Learn To Socialize: Take your mind off stress by spending time with friends and loved ones. They will help to give you a sense of belonging, purpose and fun. This proves to be high de-stressing which is all you need.

Pen down Your Thoughts: Writing down a situation which is bothering you often helps to reduce the tension. This brings a stress relief feeling. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a journal that will help you solve problems and find positive solutions to deal with the same.

Laugh Out Loud: There is a famous saying that “Laughter is the best medicine”. It is a proven fact that laughter helps to reduce stress and tension. It enhances the blood circulation to your hear. Therefore, make the effort to rent a funny movie or book tickets to a comedy show. This helps you forget your worries and gives you a sense of de-stress.

Give yourself proper care and attention: It is human tendency that every time stress takes over your body, you put yourself at the end of everything. This is the wrong approach. You need to prioritize healthy eating, exercising, relationships and peaceful night’s sleep. This will help you avoid getting the condition worse.

Breathe some fresh air: If you are within four walls throughout the day, take a break. Step outside in the sun for few minutes. A little time spent outdoors can help you have an enhanced mood and also you manage to relax yourself.

Go easy on yourself: Be positive at all times. Negative thoughts will only make the stressful situation worse. Keep motivating yourself by telling about the wonderful person you truly are, doing a great job and make sure to believe it.

The above mentioned are some basic tips that you can follow in your day to day life. It truly helps to provide you with a stress-free life. This in turn keeps you healthy which are extremely essential aspect of life.

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