Movement Categories and How to Use Them

90 % people who workout in a traditional gym, are doing the same old routine with a little bit progression here and there. They continue working out on the same routine and expect changes in their body, aesthetically and strength wise. The simple fact is, when you carry out working same work outs, body adapts to the movements and it becomes a less effective exercise. To strengthen your body, you need to keep changing your workouts, to maximize the effort.

So , here are a few categories of exercises which you should include in your workouts.

Compound Movements

Movements which require participation of multiple joints are known as compound movements. They put a lot of strain on nervous system, which is very essential for increasing production of growth hormones and testosterone. Compound movements help burn fat much faster and increase MAXIMUM STRENGTH. Doing 1 rep max and low reps on compound movement can be beneficial for strength training as well.

Top Compound Movements:

The Squat and its variations(wide stance, split squats, box squats)

The Deadlifts and its variations( pause deadlift, deficit deadlift, sumo deadlift)

How to Use: Use them at the starting of your workouts and go heavy atleast once a week.

A useful video on compound movement.(Unisex)

Plyometric Movement

Multi-joint movement when performed with high intensity, are called plyometric movements. Plyometric movements are extremely beneficial in increasing explosive and agile strength. They also increase fat loss and production of testosterone. While doing plyometric workouts, keep in mind to use light to medium weights and DO NOT use heavy weights.

Top Plyometric Movements:

Box Squats

Clean and jerks

Kettle-bell workouts


How to Use: Use plyometric workouts after you complete your compound movements, and  remember to try for failure.

Isometric movements

Single joint movements are called isometric movements. Bicep curls, tricep extensions are all isometric movements, as these movements use only the elbow joint. Many people lift heavy on these movements, which damages the joint structure and makes them prone to injury.

Top Isometric Movements:

Single hand seated bicep concentration curls.

Bent-over triceps extension.

Calf raises.

How to use: Use isometric movements for burning out a muscle after working it out in a compound movement. Eg: after bench press, do bent-over triceps extension.

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