Must Know Grooming Habits for Men

How you present yourself in public, is very important. The world is a very cynical place, where people judge you the way you dress, the way you talk,
how you smell, and the most important, the way you dress(did I say that earlier.). The reason that I am stressing on dressing properly is because there is a certain stereotype related to every profession and each profession commands a certain type of respect.
All the “suits” are called “suits” because they are always wearing their fancy suits (try saying that 3 times fast), because this way of dressing portrays confidence and invincibility. For such high pressure jobs, you have to immaculate about everything, dressing being one of them.

But, when visiting your cousins, friends or family, people usually don’t wear these kinds of clothes (unless you are a tool). You want to wear something casual which will portray you as a kind person who is approachable.

At a date, you want to dress semi-formally, which creates a mist of mystery around you, but also show that you are a confident guy who can show her a good time.

So here are a few tips which will definitely help you:

  • Dress to Impress: Wear darker clothes to you office, which fit your size. Don’t wear loose baggy clothes anywhere except your bedroom (that also if you are married). Dressing in fit clothes makes you look taller, younger and competitive. Especially if you are a bit over-weight or old, never ever wear bright or lose clothing. Blue, black and white are your best friends.
  • Hairstyle: Just-out-of-the-bed look is cool for hanging out with your friends or girlfriend(s), but don’t look like that in office, it is disrespectful and unprofessional. Use good quality hair products and create a suave look for yourself. Same goes for dates as well. And don’t use cheap hair products, unless you rock the “skinhead” look.
  • Smell Awesome: Where you go, don’t go without using a deodorant or a good perfume. Smell good in office, while visiting friends and especially on a date. Just remember, do not use a very strong, over-whelming deodorant, we just want to smell good, not knock somebody out. And remember to use “Eco-friendly ” perfumes and deodorant, not just for a greener earth, but for as well.(they are anti-carcinogenic)
  • Smile: But first, maintain good oral health, nobody likes smelly yellow teeth flashing at them. Brush your teeth regularly and use a mouthwash every time you go outside (especially on a date.) Good oral health will make you confident while smiling and everybody loves a guy who has a dazzling smile.

You can practice these tips for a few weeks and before you know it, they will become a second nature of you.

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