Staminon Scam Alert

unhappyCoupleWhat is Staminon? Is it a genuine product? What ingredients are used? What are the said benefits of the supplement? Let’s find out the necessary answers together.

So, Staminon is a fresh new male enhancement supplement that was just released for online sales. Staminon, with its attractive sounding benefits, good marketing strategy and vague promises has causes many to take a second look at this newcomer in the supplement industry.

So, let’s get to the in-depth review about Staminon and what this male enhancement supplement can offer us:

Suspected Benefits Of Staminon

The benefits of Staminon are vaguely stated on their website. These are some of the said benefits:

  • Staminon’s said to improve sexual performance,
  • It’s said to maximize erections,
  • It’s said to cause longer lasting erections,
  • It’s said to increase intensity during sex and climax,
  • It’s said to allow you to reach new levels of stamina,
  • It’s said to have no side effects.

While the list of benefits shown is, amazing, for a lack of a better word, it has the clear indication of being a hyped-up promotion for the sole reason of parting you from your cash.

Unfortunately, Staminon has shown itself to fail to live up to the promises it makes. The hyped up promotions with the guys with six packs in their ads are there to deceive you to think you can achieve the same results overnight. So, if you are considering buying this low-quality supplement, you are better off taking the money and signing up for a personal trainer at your local gym.

Stated Ingredients In Staminon

unhappy+coupleStaminon has only allowed you to know about two of the ingredients in their supposed ‘proprietary formula’. These two ingredients are Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed.

Even from the names of the ingredients, you can tell they were named by someone with a marketing background. The understanding of having these ingredients in Staminon are that these ingredients help boost testosterone, sex drive and cause vasodilation.

For those who don’t understand. Vasodilation is the process in which blood vessels expand to allow more nutrients and minerals to reach every muscle in your body. It also increases blood flow, which is the main point which Staminon use to promote their questionable benefits.

Another fact about these ingredients is that the promoters say they are ‘well-researched’. But they don’t tell you that there have been insufficient results about the abilities of these ingredients and their uses with modern science.

Cost Of Ordering Staminon

unexpected-costsRisk Free Trial is what the promoters use to bait the unsuspecting few who fall for these scams. What these poor folk get caught up in is the ‘free trial’ bit. However, Staminon doesn’t give you anything for free.

When you sign up with your shipping and credit card details, you get charged for shipping & handling.  What most don’t know is that they are automatically enrolled into the Staminon auto-shipment program. This program sends you a bottle of product every month, which of course you get charged in full for.

Another confusion is regarding their trial period, which starts the moment you sign-up and lasts 14 days. Which is when your order often arrives, so you don’t get sufficient time to try the supplement when the trial expires. When the trial expires, you will be charged for the bottle in your possession, even if you want to return it.

Next is the situation where you want to return your bottle or cancel your auto shipment subscription. This is where you are informed to call their customer support to get your request processed. Bad customer service, would be putting it lightly, very lightly.

bad-customer-serviceYou should prepare yourselves to experience one of the following:

  • To be put on hold for an extended period of time followed with being hung up on.
  • An incorrect number message.
  • Line disconnected tone.

So, many are often forced to take drastic measures like canceling their credit cards or asking their banks to disallow the charge from Staminon. This has given rise to the notion that Staminon is a dodgy scheme that is designed to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

However, when you check their terms and conditions, you can find that while they work unethically, the product and services it provides are, in the eyes of the law, legal.

This is what an ex-consumer, Timothy Hales from Washington, had to say about his experience with Staminon:

“This is a total rip-off. First, the pills barely did anything. Secondly, they charged me for the trial. I only found out later that it wasn’t free. Totally felt like I was being screwed with. Then, come the monthly charges, and they didn’t even send me the following bottles of Staminon. Had to call my bank and asked them to cancel my credit card to get rid of this scam. I regret even considering buying this product.”

Is Staminon A Scam?

Staminon-BottleDepends on how you look at it. Legally, Staminon is in the clean, barely but still clear. So it can’t be considered a scam through such a point of view. However, if you consider the ethical imprecations, Staminon is 100% scam as it actively deceives and misleads the customers to make a quick profit. This is further proven by the fact that the customer service is abysmal with no intention to help the customer.

So, whether Staminon can be considered a scam or not, depends on your point of view. Fortunately, there are better avenues in regards to male enhancement supplements. Do some research and find yourself a supplement that truly works.

However, if you want, there are online reviews of Staminon you can take a look at a more detailed review.

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