Stop! Don’t do these exercises!

Wherever we workout, we owe it to ourselves that we do a little research on the exercises which we are going to do. In order to boost results, you may hire a personal trainer, which is a great investment, by the way. But even if you are getting help, a little bit of knowledge about workout, exercise is a must. Some trainers do suggest shady exercises or exercises which are very harmful. These types of trainers are the typical gym BROs, who tried their hand at professional bodybuilding and most like have failed. They want to impress you with some difficult or painful exercises, and often motivate you by saying no pain no gain. Pain up-to a limit is ok, but when the pain is for a long time, then certainly you have messed up some muscle or joint. Lack of ethics is rife in body building universe, and newbie’s often pay the price.

Changing exercises is a good plan, but be a bit careful about it. Not saying refer a physiologist every time  you try something,  but just don’t do it because somebody suggested it. There are no short cuts to natural body building. There are smart workouts and trainers which will definitely help you out, but stay away from everything that sounds to be too .

Here are a few movements and exercises which you should avoid.

Behind the neck shoulder press:

If you want your rotator cuffs messed up, this the best exercise. This movement pattern is not natural for your shoulders, thus it neither increases any strength nor causes any progressive overload. It is very harmful to rotator cuff as it causes external rotation of shoulder joint beyond its capacity.

Proper Shoulder Press

Partial squats

Any type of partial movement is detrimental, in that particular matter. I have seen big guys loading up plates on the squat rack and then squatting an inch or so. It might give a false ego boost, but definitely won’t have any anabolic effect on your body. It reduces the flexibility and range of motion of legs. Also, causes knee joint problems and suppression of spinal cord.


Proper Deep Squat

Wrist curls

Wrist joint is a very delicate joint. Wrists curls have wear and tear in the bone joint, which is very thin. Regular abuse of these joints will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and eventual loss of movement in hands. Instead of curling your wrists for bigger and stronger forearms, you can try exercises like hanging and farmer walks.


Farmers Walk


Ab Crunches/Sit-ups

ab crunches and sit ups are more harmful than beneficiary. while crunching or doing a sit-up, we tend to put immense amount of stress on lower back and neck. It has very less range of motion and hence does not have much effect on abs. rather, doing a hanging raise or ab-roller exercises will benefit more than crunches, any day!


Ab Roller

Ab Roller- Best For Core and Abs

The key is, don’t do a movement if its is against human body movement pattern. Anything against movement pattern is injurious and a one way ticket to snap city. Trying to lift in unnatural pattern will lead to injuries, sometimes muscle tear or even bone damage. Doing these movements may benefit you for a short duration, but that is just temporary. It will neither help you gain significant muscle mass nor increase you strength. There are other ways to increase strength and size, which are much safer and result driven.A better approach would be, following a schedule which has core movement patterns along with isolation movements. Core movements should be repeated once in a week and once their variation. When you are doing core movements, try to go heavy and keep up the intensity. Similarly, when doing variation of a core movement, try to improve form and perform higher reps.

Do not lift weights which are against the terms of movement and location. Instead, practice compound movement regularly with a couple of isolation exercises.

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