The Real Truth Behind Testo Vital Scam

Testo-VitalThere is a new male enhancement product that we suspect is a testosterone booster rebranded with a new marketing strategy. This supplement is called Testo Vital is the topic of many discussions online, catching the interest of a few inquisitive individuals. After only a little digging around, the truth about Testo Vital has come out.

For an in-depth raw report about the real Testo Vital, read on.

Promoted Benefits Of Testo Vital

Testo Vital promises you a world of benefits. They are stated as such:

  • Boost Strength And Muscle Mass.
  • Boost Sex Appeal.
  • Enhance Penis Length.
  • Enrich Libido And Sex Drive.
  • Boost Energy And Stamina Reserve.
  • Enrich Sexual Organ Sensitivity.
  • Boost Sexual Endurance.
  • No Side Effects.

The benefit list is truly a work of art, whether it’s a work of fiction also, is not something that can be determined as every man is built differently and has different reactions to Testo Vital.

However, even if this works, the results aren’t as the hyped up promotions. You won’t change and look like the ripped guys from the ads overnight. So, if you are thinking of trying so that you can get a 6-pack overnight, forget about Testo Vital and go to the gym instead.

As far as the benefits go, that isn’t enough evidence of anyone who has had such a success with Testo Vital.

Suggested Ingredients In Testo Vital

While there is no clear label on the bottle, the Testo Vital website states the testosterone supplement to contain the following:

  • Boron
  • Nettle Extract
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Orchic Substance
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Polyethylene Glycol
  • Tongkat Ali

The promoters also state that the ‘natural’ ingredients are well-researched, but what they don’t mention is that there have been insufficient results proving that these ingredients work.

The catchy names of the ingredients, as well as the ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ tags that are used by Testo Vital, are all just marketing gimmicks to keep you from finding out that you might just be buying a lemon.


Price Paid For Trying Testo Vital

With the excitement of the ‘Free Trial’ in Risk Free Trial, many succumb to the misunderstanding and assume the product to be a ‘free trial’ with a ‘free’ product. However, the fact is that Testo Vital is a ‘Risk-Free’ Trial product. Which means that there is a trial period in which you can return the product without being charged, but if your trial expires you have to pay the full price.

Another major money trap Testo Vital implements are the auto-shipment program. This is a system you unintentionally give your consent to when you click the sign-up button.

The gist of the whole price affair with Testo Vital goes as such:

First, you get enrolled in the auto-shipment program by means of signing up for the risk free trial.

Next, while you are sent your trial package, you get charged for shipping & handling charge.

After you receive your package (it should be around 10-14 days now) and start using, you are charged for the full amount of Testo Vital bottle as apparently your trial expired. Yes, your guessed right, your trial started the moment to clicked sign-up, so the 10 odd days it took for the package to arrive was wasted.

So, now you feel upset and cheated as you have not even used Testo Vital enough to gauge the results, but you say ‘what’s done is done’ and keep using the product.

Some have said the product works while some have shown doubts regarding the matter.

Now, we fast forward to the end of the first month from your enrollment into the Testo Vital Risk Free Trial, you get charged for a bottle of Testo Vital. When you try to enquire (that is if you even manage to get a hold of their customer support) about why you were charged, you are told that the auto-shipment program you gave consent to has activated and will keep sending you a bottle every 30 days indefinably but charging your credit card the full sum each time.

This will make anyone furious with Testo Vital and you decide to cancel your subscription so you call or email Testo Vital customer support to cancel. What you get can vary:

  • An extended hold on the call followed by an answering machine.
  • A wrong number message.
  • No reply for the customer support.
  • A reply stating that your case is being processed and are suggested to stay patient.

Finally, after patiently waiting for your cancellation and enduring the charges that are piling up, you may be forced to either ask your bank to disallow charges for Testo Vital or be forced to cancel your credit card.

With such a questionable system that seems to be designed to squeeze you out of everything they can get, it is no wonder many ex-customers call Testo Vital a scam.

Testo Vital, A Possible Scam

Products that promote male enhancement and are considered testosterone boosters are numbered in the tens of thousands, many of which are scams that can be considered expensive. Testo Vital is not expensive, neither can it be considered a scam. However, with the hidden charges and the deceptive auto-shipment program, Testo Vital can be tagged as a questionable product.

With a large number of complaints regarding Testo Vital along with unproven ingredients and seemingly underhanded payment practices, it can be evaluated that Testo Vital, while a valid product, is not worth trusting with your hard earned money. And since there are multiple alternatives to Testo Vital, you are not forced to compromise with an inferior product like this.

To conclude, while Testo Vital cannot be considered a scam, it isn’t transparent in its interactions to warrant our recommendation with a clear conscience. However, if Testo Vital has piqued your interest, you can find in-depth reviews of the male enhancement supplement online.

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