Eat This For Higher Testosterone Levels

Chili-pepper-hotFrench scientists have evidence that states that there is a link between a man’s testosterone level and his preference in spicy food. Testosterone is a male hormone that is produced mainly by the testes and is responsible for the ‘manly’ traits like his libido, sex drive, aggressiveness, facial hair, bone density, muscle mass, and fertility.

What Is The Research Conducted?

The research was conducted at the University of Grenoble with 114 men between the ages of 18 and 44. These men were asked to eat a bowl of mashed potatoes, with as much hot sauce and salt as they preferred.

Researchers then took saliva samples of the participants and measured how much hot sauce and salt was used. The research has shown that there is a clear correlation between the spiciness of the mashed potatoes and the level of testosterone.

Higher testosterone levels were evident for those who used more hot sauce but there didn’t seem to be any correlation in regards to salt intake.

However, while this experiment has shown the correlation between testosterone and capsaicin, which is the active ingredient in Chili, it should be noted that further studies should be conducted to further validate and solidify these results.

Chili-sauseWhat Is The Expert Opinion?

One of the authors of the research study, Laurent Begue, said to The Telegraph, “A wide range of factors, including genetic, physiological, psychological and social forces, influence the liking and consumption of capsaicin-containing food,”

She continues saying “These results are in line with a lot of research showing a link between testosterone and financial, sexual and behavioral risk-taking. In this case, it applies to risk-taking in taste. It is also possible that the regular consumption of spicy food contributes to increasing testosterone levels, although so far this has only been demonstrated on rodents.”

What Is The Conclusion About Eating Spicy Foods and Testosterone?

It’s shown that eating spicy foods has a positive effect on testosterone. Eating spicy food is a simple means of raising testosterone, and one of the easiest and healthiest methods available. Spicy foods like chili peppers also have many other benefits like getting rid of the common cold and lower chances of heart attack and stroke. 

Now, get some spicy food to help boost your testosterone level naturally.

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