Why Jeans Have Small Pockets With Pair Of Bronze Rivets Attached

History behind rivets and small pocket.

The small bronze buttons on the pocket of your jeans are called Rivets. This looks fashionable and goes with a rough look, from the old days of cowboy fashion to model wears. Millions of people are wearing jeans nowadays but very few are aware of the uses of rivets and small pockets as well as the reason behind their inventions. The small pocket and rivets have a genuine purpose with a broad vision of Levi Strauss.

He was the founder of Levi Strauss & co. in 1853. Jeans were introduced in native America and preferred by farmers and miners. They always complained about ripping jeans from side pockets. The miners argued about seams were not strong enough to hold the pressure from gold pieces and torn off.

The small pocket was not initially introduced in early days of jeans. In the late 1800s when there were no wristwatches and everyone used to carry a pocket watch. These watches were attached to a chain to help them tie with a waistcoat. Many more expensive pocket watches used to break because of these lose chains.

Invention and Its Benefits

rivetsLevi had to come up with some idea to solve the issue of minors and hold the decline sale and popularity of jeans. So he came up with this idea and added this feature as a decoration. He invented these bronze rivets and placed them in the corner to prevent jeans to ripping out at seams.

Rivets gave strength to the pockets and prevented jeans to rip off from seams as well as made it long lasting. To date, these small rivets are performing to their duty and justifying the reason for their invention.

Jeans later on introduced with 5 pockets, with one small pocket in front. Small pocket in jeans was added advantage to keep pocket watches safe. Cowboys used these pockets in the late 1800s to prevent their pocket watches from breaking.

These pocket watches are now totally gone but the small pocket remained in the jeans for various functions like carrying coins, gum, floss, tickets etc.

The Legacy

Rivets and small pocket are kept in the jeans as it was used to. This invention is a part of great visionary man Levi Strauss and later he got them the patent.

Did You Know These Interesting Facts?

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