Women Love Your Penis, Regardless Of What You’ve Heard

Men are insecure about their penis. Whether it’s the penis size, shape, curvature or even how photogenic their penis is, most men find themselves being self-conscious about their penis. And this is considered normal, especially when most of us only have pornstars and their ‘slongs’ to compare with.

But the question on everyone’s mind is whether women really agree with the ‘bigger the better’ philosophy or if it’s all in our heads. The solution to this is simple, let’s just ask some women.

There are a number of things going through a women’s mind when she sees a guy’s penis for the first time. The first is often ‘Is it too soon?’, not ‘I hope his penis is pretty’. But even if you read this fact, most of you will still obsess over your penises appearance wondering whether it’s too small, too big, too curved, too veiny, not veiny enough or is it the wrong color. And these are just a few of the top concerns men have about their penis.

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Here’s the thing, Swiss researchers have found that women don’t care what your penis looks like, just the overall appearance. Dr. Brian Steixner, MD, the director of the Institute for Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group, says “I see dozens of penises daily and they all have their own oddities. They all have some weird color, bumps, or skin abnormalities that men obsess over. These variations are all normal.”

Best of all, what most of us consider as being a flaw in our penises can be viewed as advantages. Here is how this is true:

Penis Being Too Small

Fret not, my friend with the small penis. Your world is not ending anytime soon. Women have said that they would rather be with a man with a small penis when compared with a penis too difficult to fit.

small penis

There are two advantages to having a small penis. First is that anal sex is easier with a smaller penis. Second is that a small penis can make her more willing in performing oral sex. Michele, 37 says “I love anal, but I’ll only have anal with small guys because I’m not a freaking masochist. Giving a normal size penis a blow job is hard on your neck, jaw, and lips, but I can go down on my small guy for as long as it takes.”

Penis Being Too Thick

While she might worry about being knocked out with one swing of your penis the first time she sees it, with enough foreplay and preparation, you can get her to nirvana time and time again.


Studies have shown that the girth of the penis is perhaps the most important part of the penis as a wider penis puts more pressure on the vagina walls leading to greater vaginal satisfaction.

Here is a firsthand account of Amy, 34 who shares her experience with a thick member, “The first time I saw my boyfriend’s penis—it was like water-bottle thick—I said, ‘No way is that going inside me. Then once we eased it in, it was the best feeling ever.”

Penis Having A Slight Curve

Men who have a curved penis, you are naturally endowed with the tool that can help stimulate her G-spot. Having a curved penis allows you to enjoy a wider variety of positions which can be more stimulating for the women when compared to the normal vanilla sex everyone else is having.


The curve of the penis can help enhance some internal stimulation, especially when coupled with positions like Side Saddle and Sideways Scissors. Side Saddle is when the man is lying on his back and the woman is riding him when facing the side which the penis is curved towards. This can help her control the tempo and angle bring greater pleasure for both of you.

But if your curvature is painful when you get an erection, it might be a plaque buildup in the penis tissue known as Peyronie’s disease. If this is you, suggest you call up your doctor to schedule an appointment as there are a number of treatment options available for this.

Penis Being Uncircumcised

For those of you who have not gone under the knife to get circumcised, rejoice as your uncircumcised penis is destined to make her wetter. Joanna, 42 says “With circumcised men, I would need a lot of lubrication, but with Brad—who was uncut—I didn’t need any. I’ve only been able to have a vaginal orgasm with an uncut penis.”

Sex therapist and sexologist, Chris Donaghue, Ph.D. says that the foreskin can help the penis slide in and out of the vagina smoothly while keeping it lubricated. For circumcised penises, they cause a drag on the vagina that can lead to pain. Studies also support this statement as a benefit of having an uncircumcised penis.

Joanna also says “When Brad’s foreskin bunched up inside me, it rubbed against me and my G-spot in a way that made me very tingly and I think his foreskin made him last longer too because the head of his penis wasn’t so sensitive.” Hand jobs are also easier because there isn’t need of lubricant as often which can lead to some fun spontaneous action.


There you have it, women really don’t care how your penis looks like. So, go out there without worrying about your insecurities about your penis, because women are just as, and if not more insecure than men. Just be yourselves with the confidence that comes with knowing how to use your penis and watch your sex life skyrocket. Let us know your thoughts through the comments section below.

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