Is Xtreme NO Really A Scam?

Scams are common in the supplement industry. This is because there are not a lot of people who have sufficient information on these scam products. Recently, there has been a supplement that has been suspected of being a scam, it’s called Xtreme NO. This new supplement is said to contain potent ingredients and gives major benefits but there is a side to this nitric oxide supplement that you may not have known about.

So, let’s take a look at Xtreme NO and what this supplement has to offer:

Stated Ingredients In Xtreme NO

The alleged ingredients in Xtreme NO include L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Ketoisocaproate, and Ketoglutarate. These ingredients sound very effective but the truth is that Ketoisocaproate and Ketoglutarate are simply variations of L-Arginine. Also, the manufacturers don’t mention the other ingredients under the guise of it being a proprietary formula.

These ingredients are also not high quality ingredients. The ingredients have insufficient results in studies conducted, which is something that Xtreme NO don’t let you know.

Stated Benefits Of Xtreme NO

The Benefits of what these ingredients are supposedly capable of delivering include increased muscle mass, consistent results, longer and more intense workouts, increased oxygen and nutrient delivery, increased definition, decreased muscle fatigue and recovery time, fat incinerator and increased confidence.

The way these benefits are achieved is by causing vasodilation in the body. Vasodilation is the process in which blood vessels expand to allow more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to be absorbed and directed to the muscles. It also causes an increased blood flow to the penis resulting in the supposed boost in sexual performance.

Cost Of Ordering Xtreme NO

The manufacturers and promoters con you by using the word ‘Free’ in the ‘Risk Free Trial’ because we assume that the nitric oxide trial bottle is free. Well, it isn’t. The product is promoted on a trial basis which is ‘risk-free’, meaning that you can try the supplement risk free for the duration of the trial. But this means that if you fail to give your bottle back before the trial expires, you will be charged the full price of the bottle.

First Cost Of Xtreme NO

The first cost of Xtreme NO starts when you hand over your credit card details. It comes as the shipping & handling charge. This shipping charge is charged immediately after you click ‘rush my trial’ after filling in the payment details. This cost is clearly displayed for you to see and expect.

Second Cost Of Xtreme NO

The second cost comes after you receive your bottle of Xtreme NO. When your trial period expires, you will be charged for the full bottle. And the reason for you not being informed of this charge, you accepted to be placed in the auto-shipment program when you signed up.

Third Cost Of Xtreme NO

The third cost for this supplement is charged because of the auto-shipment program you are enrolled into. With the auto-shipment program, you will receive a bottle every month. So, you will be charged for the new bottle even if you don’t order it or even want it.

Returning And Canceling Xtreme NO

And worst of all, when you try to call their customer support to ask for a return and refund, you will receive a very disappointing reaction. Either you will be put on hold for a while and then get hung up on, or you will get a message stating that this is an incorrect number or that this line is disconnected.

This has left many to cancel their credit cards because the charges keep being charged, even if your bank account runs dry. The auto-shipment is hidden in the fine print and is the way these manufacturers make their money.

The way to avoid following for these scams in the future is to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Is Xtreme NO A Scam?

Xtreme NO isn’t a scam, at least from a legal standpoint. But due to the shady ethics used by the manufacturers, this Nitric Oxide supplement can be considered to have scammed its customers of their hard earned money. The manufacturers have actively deceived the customers, misleading them for a quick profit. This combined with the subpar customer service with no intention to help the customer, can only cement the conclusion that you are better off not buying Xtreme NO.

There are alternative supplements to Xtreme NO available online which you can buy upfront, without a scam auto-shipment program. But if you want to take a look, you can find online, an in-depth report on Xtreme NO.

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